Legal Warning

Web site of Anamas Tohum, certainly is not binding about the sowing-planting term, variety descriptions drawing and briefing tables and breeding recommedations that transmits through catalogues and brochures. Existing information is based on tests and observations that Anamas Tohum make within their trial stations.

Anamas Tohum doesn’t accept any responsibility about damages which caused by information and advices given in it’s website. After receiving the seeds, dealers and growers are responsible for keeping the seeds in appropriate conditions. Dealers and growers should decide considering their production conditions, climate and enviromental factors by themselves if information and recommendations given for growing periods and conditions are suitable or not for them. The pictures, information, images, sounds and all other datas can be changed by Anamas Tohum.

And all these datas can’t be downloaded to any computer, can’t be maked any changes and can’t be used commercially without the consent of Anamas Tohum. Anamas Tohum is not responsible for the links written or given in it’s website. Anamas Tohum can change or remove the news for the future which published in it’s website.

Turkish version of that text will be use and valid in any case. All rights reserved.